Invisible Disability Week Spotlight - Morganna

Invisible Disability Week Spotlight - Morganna

Invisible disability can make you feel so alone.

It can alienate you from friends, make it difficult to leave the house, or complicate what should be an easy day.

Dirty Bourbon and so many others work to normalize having a no spoons day, and today we’re featuring Morganna at @ChronicallyMorganna on TikTok, an advocate who shares her story to let others know they’re not alone.

Morganna does makeup and advocacy, pairing the two to help normalize how difficult things can be when you’re struggling with an invisible disability. Her makeup tutorials and experiments are on point, and today she’s sharing her reasons for advocating, and how spoon theory works for her.


Dirty Bourbon: Why do you advocate?

Chronically Morganna: Advocating is important to me because I was very alone through most of my journey. I had to self advocate to doctors, family, friends, etc. The loneliness that comes with being chronically ill can be crippling- I want people to know they aren't alone.


DB: What's one thing you wish people would understand about your invisible disability?

CM: I wish people understood that we didn't do it to ourselves. No amount of eating right, exercising, journaling, meditating, etc. can eliminate you entirely from the chances of becoming sick. I also wish people understood that just because you can't see it, doesn't mean that it isn't real.


DB: How does spoon theory apply to you, if at all?

CM: Spoon theory is amazing for explaining my chronic illness. It really puts into perspective how much energy is needed to do basic tasks like brushing teeth, showering, getting dressed, eating, etc. Some days I can do everything I need to do, other days I can barely take care of myself.


DB: What drew you to Dirty Bourbon, what does the brand mean to you? 

CM: Dirty Bourbon's message is what drew me to them. We need more awareness and more acknowledgment.

Don't waste your time trying to explain yourself to those who choose not to listen Dirty Bourbon Clothing

DB: What's the hardest thing you've overcome in life?

CM: Grief. Losing my old life. I lost my job, I lost myself, I went through a divorce. It's been extremely hard.


DB: What's a good day look like for you? 

CM: A good day is me waking up with minimal pain, being able to stomach some food, and hopefully run errands / create content. 


DB: What's one thing you love about yourself? 

CM: My perseverance. 


Click to check out ChronicallyMorganna on TikTok to see her awesome advocacy work. 

Chronically Morganna for Dirty Bourbon Clothing, wearing No Spoons no F****

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Thank you SO much to Morganna for sharing your story and why you advocate. Thank you for creating a community around your content, and helping people feel less alone. Keep on keeping on!

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